ep IV: Teen Thesis

by gg & The Sodman Corporation

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A statement or theory put forward with the premise that I am a human. While not entirely proven, or based in unemotional fact, this is a document of 25 years. This is a collection of mistakes, violence, comedy, television, pure evil, and hope. This statement is not grounded in authority or reliable source materials.

Katra episode: IV
recorded on a YAMAHA 4track cassette recorder
with anything i can grab

syndication coming soon.....


released June 13, 2016



all rights reserved


gg & The Sodman Corporation Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I just want proof of intelligent life

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Track Name: strange new day
twisted boy, bad says she
keep that girl away from me
wrath with interest, have no one
time will break us when its done

a sullen promise, and as the cycle continues
its not a bad look, only slightly dull

raise your head boy, youre not dumb
shake that head at a new day
raise your eyes girl now im gone
its so strange in a new way
raise your head girl your not dumb
shake that head in a new way
raise your head boy now its done
its so strange in a new day
Track Name: Monolyth
we met after the game, thats when you gave me that stain
and i prayed to it everyday like a monolyth

you came over sometimes, one time we watched a movie
and it was so nice, come on baby gimme a kiss

years go by, all the humans multiply
someone catches my eye

those dreams are so wet and hot
and i forgot them all
Track Name: Can You Hold The Century?
you catalogued your time and your dynasty
perfect carbon designs of you and me
that window caught your eye
your reflections in it
you wanted to talk
but left before i was finished

you marked me in your travel log
another seasons magazine
youre living in one of your own
that tv caught your eye
your reflections in it
you wanted to stay
but left before i could run away
Track Name: Only 1
ones enough for me
i cant handle more than me
burn a candle silently with you

one is fine
i cant handle my own mind
secret forces work behind the wall

this is not my only conviction
just one holy thrusting position
you can touch me under one condition
leave me alone

I dont want to suck your bone
cut me lose or let me roam
my lifes a real horrorshow
love me or suck me or let me go

one is good for me
im alone finally
to burn this candle silently
with you
Track Name: Disintigration
sitting with you, talking with you by the mulberry tree
walking with you, stalking with you
to a place we can hide fron our minds

hello to you, i dont know your name
but you know mine
this is the place we used to hide behind
ill show you yours if you show me mine

sitting with you, talking with you
walking with you, fucking with you
talking to you, walking with you through the dark
Track Name: Re-Animator
wake me up when this goes away
maybe ill look you in the eyes today
for now all your interest rates apply
one special offer for a limited time
girl im not your creature feature
this doctor does his research
theyre just electric recievers
strange forces at work
im not your re-animator/digging the scalpel in your head
im just your old neighbor/knocking on the door

hey! dont wake me up from this steamy dream. i still dont know what it means. our days are neatly arranged, hit hit hit hit my head till it feels the same/im here while supplys last/the lines are always open/this season brings a new cast/strange forces at work
we could make the sequel/but it wouldnt be as good as you and me
but i never see you anymore
it makes my head swirl just to watch the world/ i feel so dull
Track Name: Shaking Head
wasted urge on the paper, ill feel bad five minutes later
maybe ill see you today.
a shaking head always looking, to see what im cooking
maybe ill see you today
wasted urge on my belly, i dont feel like telling
but maybe ill see you today

so shake that head my way again
maybe we can be friend

wasted urge on my belly, ill feel bad if you tell me
maybe i wont see you today
a shaking head always looking to see what shes cooking
maybe she just wants to be alone

a shaking head
Track Name: Empath
something you said but never said to me
somethings you say with a stare
a brand new world ill never see
why dont you meet me there
the basement door might lead to hell
im just a boy you didnt know so well
theres some secrets we never tell
some playback rewind and sell
for such a sweet and nasty girl
id travel the whole wide world
its such a cold cold cold cold world
now i hold it to you
Track Name: up the long ladder
blue eyes running away from me
we can run and live happely
i knoe you got a lot of things to hide
you have your love and your pride

sometimes hearts cant be shown
but i want you to come home
theres a lot of things to know

up the long ladder we go
this isnt a childish thing
Track Name: 3rd planet Makeout Scene
Staring in my tv screen
in the secret summer of 17
just another hog on the butchers block
that wishes this would stop
you want interest rates and creamy attitudes
perfect specimens dont have a clue
wishing that these hands could move all over you
but its nice to know you for the moment

dont let this go to my head
watching seasons change from my bed

sitting in your softcore dream
in a ghost planet makeout scene
just another calculated sign
in space and time
you want it hard
hot and wet
apply pressure to the sullen neck
wishing my program could get inside of you

dont tape me to your bed
and stick that tongue into my head
dont take me into your bed
and stick that tongue into my head
dont let it go to your head